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    Xuesu No.1——White-Peel Type

    Xuesu No.1——White-Peel Type


      Merits and demerits of Xuesu No.1

      Outstanding merits of Xuesu No.1:

      Good growing ability, good tolerance to low temperature, rainy weather, weak light and saline-alkali soil, sweet crispy and refreshing flesh, snow-white peel with red tinge after maturing in July and August, big fruit, high output, popular in the market.

      Demerits of Xuesu No.1:

      Getting gummy stem blight at high humidity condition, fruit cracking and large navel with sudden large amount of water irrigation during fruit developing.

      Pay attention to the control on the humidity of soil and air. No over-high hormone concentration for dipping on flower. Control water content at late fruit developing stage. Take prevention of diseases and pests in time. Following the above points shall solve these problems on the whole.